Physically Training Musicians To Perform At Their Best


We Get Musicians Fit For Stage And Keep Them Healthy – That’s our job.

Every artist must perform well in the studio, but to meet the demands of fans worldwide, high profile performers also need to be in top shape when they hit the touring circuit.

With exercise and nutrition often coming second to studio rehearsals, interviews, sound checks and promos, many Artists head out on tour pre-exhausted and de-conditioned. After just a few weeks of back-to-back shows, they remember just how grueling life on the road can be…

We address this problem with a progressive fitness program, personally tailored to the needs and schedule constraints of each client.

We call it the STAGE-READY program.

In the run-up to touring – and often out on the road – we use this tried-and-tested system to achieve and maintain exceptional fitness results in minimal time. We study a client’s previous stage performance, and with their own personal goals in mind, work on addressing and strengthening areas that will maintain and enhance their nightly shows.

Teaming our fitness program with a structured nutritional strategy – pre-tour at home, or working in line with an artist’s personal chef or tour catering – we ensure our clients survive life on the road, without too many dramas.

As a result of our efforts, and those of our clients,  Music Management are now realising just how big a part health and fitness play, in prolonging their Artists touring schedules and keeping nightly performances at a high.

To find out how we can build a safe and time effective wellness program into your touring schedule, please contact us for further information.


Simon Dainton – Dip PT, CSCS


Physical Conditioning – Nutritional Consulting – Injury and Rehab Treatment – Tour Recovery