Business Culture

Shantou Jiahe Biologic Technology Co.,Ltd is established on the basis of former Shantou Ziguang Guhan Amino Acid Co.,Ltd. Our enterprise is committed to become the largest and strongest international natural amino acid manufacturer.
    As an amino acid manufacturer, our company has a unique advantage:
    Complete industrial chain: Set up  production bases in Shantou and Xintai, plant sources as raw materials, to the fermentation process of production, for food, health care products, functional beverage and pharmaceutical injection industry to provide various levels of the amino acid products, and can provide for the specific needs of deep processing and its derivatives. ;
    Full production qualification and advanced production technology: The company has a drug production licenses, GMP certificate, medicinal amino acids and medicinal glycerin approval number. The company mastered various methods of amino acid production in the fermentation, extraction, refining process, the company are using the most state-of-the-art design and equipment, and the core technology has completely independent intellectual property rights.
    High-quality personnel team: The company not only has the amino acid industry renowned technical experts and management of listed companies experienced marketing team, also has a large number of R & D and technical personnel and skilled workers, to ensure that the company has maintained a state-of-the-art technology, standardized management, reliable quality , production efficiency, and good service.
Advantage into tangible products and services, the company firmly believes that, with all the partners will be able to benefit one.