R & D capabilities
Has a group which specializing in biochemical research and development of scientific, as well as training of the technological elite and senior management personnel, the main project of the existing two workshops, supporting a comprehensive office building, central laboratory,sewage treatment plant, raw materials warehouse, pure water, housing and other facilities and sophisticated experimental laboratory equipment Shantou amino acid bio-fermentation engineering technology research and development centers have been formed.
The company has set up a high-quality technology R&D organization and management team, ongoing with new product development and manufacture to improve the R&D project through research, demonstration, project approval procedures, so that the project’s purpose and responsibilities to the people through performance appraisal, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the scientific and technical personnel, improve work efficiency, so that both employees work a sense of responsibility and pressure, more goal and direction, improve the product mix. also to ensure product quality, in order to provide better quality, better products and services for different customers.